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Community Programs

An important part of Kaiser Permanente's commitment to cardiovascular excellence is helping community clinicians in California develop and implement their own healthy heart programs. This website is intended for use by California healthcare providers. Our effort involves sharing the components which we believe make our healthy heart programs so successful with our members. Through this web site, we are now making our evidence-based best practices, expertise and tools widely available and accessible to California's community of health organizations such as community clinics, public hospitals, academic medical centers, and independent community practitioners.

Our commitment to share our expertise in the area of cardiovascular care is in the early stages. To date, through Kaiser Permanente's Community Benefit Programs in Northern California, grants totaling $1.2 million have been awarded to various community health centers in Northern California. The goal of these grants is to create a consistent program that allows us to evaluate the impact we are making and learn as we go. While the initial focus is in selected communities, our long-term commitment is to share our cardiovascular expertise with community programs in many of our other communities. Our Healthy Heart website is an important step in fulfilling this long-term aspiration.

If you are a clinician working in any California community health setting, please have a look at the Kaiser Permanente tools and resources that we are offering on our website.

Clinician Education Presentations

Secondary Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Strategies
   Supporting Materials: Cardiovascular Risk Management Medication Algorithm
Diabetes - Improving diabetes care by embracing insulin

Cardiovascular Care Paths

Glucose Control Algorithm for Type 2 Diabetes
Heart Failure Management
Hypertension Algorithm

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Secondary Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease
Adult Cholesterol Management
Adult Diabetes
Heart Failure Management

Care Model Template

Developing a Cardiovascular Disease Program

Tools for Patients

See "The Roadmap to Hearth Health" Section

If you represent a clinic, health center, public hospital or health system in California and you would like to obtain guidance about healthy heart tools or programs, please contact David Shearn, MD of The Permanente Medical Group at healthy-heart@kp.org for further information.

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