Helping Californians live heart-healthier lives.

Cardiovascular disease is America's #1 killer. But at Kaiser Permanente our cardiovascular care is saving lives every day. And because we believe that California communities should be as heart-healthy as our Northern California members, we are now making our tools and expertise in cardiovascular care available to everyone.

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Reduce your risk and thrive.

Keep Your Heart Healthy

We've designed this website to help you, with your doctor or other health professional, understand how to be as heart-healthy as you can be. Learn More

Community Programs

At Kaiser Permanente, we’re committed to the health of the communities we serve. An important demonstration of that commitment is the work we are doing with clinics in the community and public hospitals to develop and implement their own healthy heart programs. We hope that by making our tools and protocols in cardiovascular care widely available we can significantly improve the heart health of all Californians. Learn More

Tools for Clinicians

We understand the critical role that you play as a clinician in helping your patients lead heart-healthy lives. We hope that our tools will enrich your relationship with your patients to help them make informed decisions about their heart health. Learn More

How do we know that what we're doing is working?

We've reduced death from heart disease so significantly that it is no longer the leading cause of death among our 3 million members. In fact, death from heart disease is 30% lower in our NCAL Kaiser Permanente population than in the non-KPNC population in California.*

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Why are our members leading such heart-healthy lives?

It starts with understanding. That means we understand to what extent our members are at risk for heart disease. And we understand that being heart-healthy is about living a healthy life—getting plenty of exercise, eating right, not smoking and managing stress. And finally, based on our practice of evidence-based medicine, it means understanding which treatment options to suggest based on your own personal risk factors. It's not about doing one thing. It's about working with your clinician to do a variety of things, based on who you are and what your current heart health is.