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Sharon C. Perry, NP 

Sacramento Medical Center
Department of Women's Health - Pt. West MOB

1650 Response Road
Sacramento CA 95815

Appt/Advice: (916) 614-4055
Non-urgent voicemails: 916 614-4120

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My Specialty and Why I Chose It

I am a nationally certified women's health nurse practitioner. I have sub-specialized in gynecologic oncology since 1993. This means I work primarily with ovarian, uterine, cervical, vaginal and vulvar cancers or pre-malignant conditions. I decided to do this because it allows me to use all of my previous medical experience as well as being challenged to learn and work with the new advances and technology that is constantly evolving. I am also a colposcopist and wound care specialist. I am never bored and I have never been disappointed in my decision to work in this field.

My Practice Philosophy

I believe that every person deserves respect, honesty, communication and compassion. I treat my patients as I would want myself or my family members to be treated. I involve my patients in their care and we work together as a team to ensure that they receive the best available care. An educated patient is a person with power and I enjoy empowering my patients. I am fascinated by medicine and watching the body's amazing ability to heal. I believe that the entire life cycle is important and consider it a privilege to work with my patients in whatever phase they are currently passing through. I believe in preventative medicine and am very proactive when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

My Tenure with Kaiser Permanente

I have been a part of Kaiser Permanente full time since 1993. This is a wonderful place to work because it strives to be the gold standard. It has always been the model for Preventative Health and Wellness. I am privileged to work with a helpful staff and wonderful surgeons who are also incredibly kind and giving. I would trust my life, or those of my loved ones, in their hands. The patient's need is our concern, our care, and our entire department as well as leadership is dedicated to that responsibility.

Kaiser Permanente is progressive and has afforded me many educational and research opportunities. Before coming to Kaiser Permanente I had enjoyed working in two very fine private practices. I found, however, that too much of my time was spent trying to justify tests or treatments to insurance companies. That does not happen here. If a person needs a test or treatment, it is provided. I could go on, but I think you can see that I am sold on Kaiser Permanente.

Professional Interests & Affiliations

In addition to my work at Kaiser Permanente, I have published a number of health related articles. I am a national and international speaker on various health care and motivational topics. I have a special interest in vulvar disorders that has afforded me many opportunities. I am a clinical mentor to nurse practitioners, nurses, and residents. I serve on numerous boards and occasionally am involved in mercy medical missions. I serve occasionally as a parish nurse at my church. I am interested in evidenced based complimentary medicine.

Some of my professional affiliations include:

  • National Certification Corporation-Women's Health Nurse Practitioner
  • American Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology
  • The Society for Gynecologic Nurse Oncologists
  • Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health
  • Wound Care Certification
  • Honored Member of Who's Who
  • Toastmasters

I am most honered however to have received the Excellence in Nursing Award, Gold Star Award and Extra Mile Hero Award while working here at Kaiser Permanente.

On a Personal Note

Outside of Kaiser Permanente I am active with my family and friends. I love outdoor activities such as gardening, hiking, water sports and enjoying nature. Cooking is a therapy and I love to entertain. I enjoy travel as well as relaxing with a good book.

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