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Roman Kownacki, MD 

Occupational Medicine

Richmond Medical Center
Occupational Health

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Welcome to my website.

People often ask me what type of specialty is Occupational Medicine. The specialty of Occupational Medicine is an area that primarily involves the prevention and treatment of occupational illness and injuries. This includes treatment for injuries such as lower back strains, or the preventions of illness from work hazards such as lead and asbestos. The field requires an understanding of both the treatment of work-related injuries and an understanding of the legal requirements in California Worker’s Compensation system and OSHA.

I am Board-Certified in Occupational Medicine through the American Board of Preventive Medicine. I graduated from Hahnemann University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and have a Masters in Public Health from UCLA. I completed an Occupational Medicine residency at the University of Southern California. After residency, I worked in Southern California in private practice before moving to Northern California.

I joined Kaiser Permanente in 1999, and I am the Chief of the Kaiser Permanente Richmond Occupational Medicine Department. At Kaiser, I am able to practice the type of medicine that is of high quality and very convenient for my patients. This includes having a dedicated staff and access to very sophisticated technology for patient care. Another frequently asked question by my non-Kaiser physician colleagues, friends and patients is about practicing at Kaiser Permanente. I reply that I have never been more professionally satisfied and feel the quality of care is the level I want for my family and friends. I am proud to work for this organization.

My Credentials

Medical school Hahnemann University Medical College of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Internship Tucson Hospitals Medical Education Program Inc, Tucson, AZ
Residency University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA
Board certification Occupational Medicine, American Board of Preventive Medicine

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